Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Update!

Ok, so all sorts of goings-on around here this weekend.  Most notably, Chloe came to visit!  YAY!

Part of the excitement with Chloe's visit was giving her her bento boxes and then going on a bento shopping adventure!  We made out like bandits.  :-D  (Most of) my/Dante's scores are in the following pic (Click for a bigger view):

From left: pirate cupcake set (cups and picks), plain red silicone bake cups, blue flower silicone cups, green turtle silicone cups, two kinds of flowery paper cupcake cups, three awesomely cute sets of small easter eggs that are that much *gesture* too tall for the boxes (curses!  Foiled again.), carrot powdered candies to be emptied and repurposed for sauce, zoo-shaped pasta, chopsticks, plastic picks/mini forks, bamboo mini-forks, and awesome mini silverware from World Market, all arranged on some bandanas... I mean... furoshiki? lol.  Ok, so either to be used as furoshiki or sewn into bags.  We'll see how coordinated/ambitious I'm feeling. 

After shopping, we also had to have some crafty-time to make bento accesories from some of the supplies we got.  So, some cutting, sewing, gluing, and tying later, here are a couple of our awesome pieces:

Chloe's awesome bento set- bag, chopsticks/silverware cone, and band.
More pics on her deviantArt page here: Chloe-alexandre on dA

My furoshiki-wrapped box.  Yes, that's tie-dye and smilies.  :-D  
(blurry- darn it.  Need better lighting around here)

My bento corset.  he he he.  I was playing with my eyelet setter and ribbon and... 
well... one thing led to another and you can see the results.

On the food front, Dante made an AWESOME dinner on Friday, but I believe that will be post separately in the near future, so I'll leave it at "It was AMAZING."  Same on the sushi he made Saturday.  In other food news, We had Chaos tots for dinner on Friday, which... if you haven't had them, are fan-freaking-tastic.  Seriously.  They're a take on the Denny's "Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries", which were only on the menu for a short while.  Basically, Tater tots with cooked burger, cheddar, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and mustard on top (See below), and boy are they delicious.

Our other noteworthy foodie delight this weekend was this beauty: BAC-BLT: Brisket  American (cheese) Cheddar Bacon Lettuce and Tomato.  VERY good.  The brisket was marinated Mexican-style (more on that later!) and the meats and cheeses were grilled on the bread panini-style (on a George Foreman Grill), then the veggies were added after it came off the Foreman.

And finally, super-exciting:  Mom got herself a blog too!!  Go give her some stalker-love at Bento Boxes and Other Distractions.

With that, I think it's time for bed.  Good night, and happy cooking!


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  1. Wow! What a great shopping haul! Cuteness all around. I love the tie-dyed bag, too! The corset was too funny. Sounds like it was a fun foodie fest at your place this weekend! Love you!