Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bento #1- Fried Rice and Potstickers!

Ok, so I'm super excited about starting making bentos.  Ridiculously so.  And I've got Dante, my best bud (Chloe),  and my mother into it now too!  Go me!  And I just made my first real bentos today!  (Ok, I did play around with them a little bit one other time, but I'm still calling this my official first bento.)

We just got our bento boxes yesterday, which was AWESOME.  (I'll post pics of the boxes later, don't have photos of those just yet.)  So I HAD to use them for lunch today, even though I was having a really late lunch (evening class) and Dante was going to be home for lunch...

So these were my less-than-beautiful, but terribly exciting bentos today:

This is Dante's box, which is plain black at the moment, but hopefully will be customized soon (yay!).  Top layer had fried rice and homemade potstickers, with a soy sauce fishy and half a dozen shrimp.  Bottom layer had a baked wonton cup with a sprinkling of sugar and frozen triple berry mix, with frozen stir fry veggies and a container of sweet and sour sauce (Yes, Mr. Dante had a heart-shaped container that said hugs.  That's what I've got right now! lol).

This is my pretty blue box.  It has dragonflies on the top.  :-)  Same basic menu as Dante's box, but sans shrimp (not a big crustacean fan).  It's sad what a geeky pleasure I got out of eating my bento lunch this evening.  *Big grin*

Bought two boxes for Chloe as a gift (shhh!) too, so the plan is this weekend when she comes to visit (yay!), we'll go scouting for accessories.  I know there are a couple stores around here that have a pretty wide variety of chopsticks and we'll be hitting World Market I think looking for small silverware to go with.

Looking forward to many more Bentos!!  YAY!


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