Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bento #2- More Fried Rice and Shrimp

Day two of Bento-making!  YAY!  Used our second set of boxes today.

The contents of today's bentos look awfully familiar, but they were delicious yesterday, so... if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  (Plus we have leftovers to use up!)

Dante's bento: Fried rice, shrimp, sweet and sour/soy sauce, and mixed fruit with an umbrella pick. 

And a blurry pic of mine (oops!).  Again, same basic thing, but no shrimp, and with frozen veggies instead.  (Pardon the craft supplies in the background...)  Important note: be careful when taking bands off bento boxes, or you may end up with fruit in your lap........

Mr. Dante is cooking up an AWESOME smelling beef dish in the crock pot today, so that will probably be featured in our next bentos.  I can't wait!

I think Dante and I are going to go scouting for bento accessories tonight, which should be fun.  Course, we have to be a bit creative about it, since there aren't ANY bento supplies stores around here.  Not even World Market or the local Asian Grocery (Ok, they do have a COUPLE bento boxes, but they're Mr. Bento = $$).  But I think we're both plenty creative.  ;-) We're also planning another bento adventure for this weekend when Chloe's here.  Yay!

Still haven't taken pics of all the boxes, but I will.  Promise!

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