Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sushi- Spicy Tuna Roll

I am very American when it comes to eating Sushi.  I can't stand when it just consists of a piece of raw fish draped over a rice ball with wasabi in the middle.  Yuck.  I like my sushi spicy and delicious.  I'm not willing to say that my first attempt at Spicy Tuna rolls was delicious, but it was pretty freakin' good.  ("I don't know if it's worth 5 dollars, but it's pretty frickin' good")  Making sushi is really annoying, however.  You have to cook the rice and then add rice vinegar and sugar.  You then have to cool it (not too much), and then you have to spread it out on seaweed with other ingredients and roll it up ( I had to get Rowan to do it).  You then have to cut  it into pieces without damaging the shape of the roll. I topped the pieces with sesame seeds. Is it worth it?  Yes, and I hope as I get better at seasoning the fish meat with spices it will be more so.


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