Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bento #19- Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

No bento for Weds.  Went to lunch with my Grandmother at a chinese place near work.  Decent Sweet and Sour Chicken, but no leftovers! lol

Weds night, we picked up dinner at Wendy's.  I decided to skip my standard fries (gasp!) cuz it was SOOOOOO nice out Weds.  Got an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad instead, and oh my goodness.... DELICIOUS!  Seriously.  So when I went to the store to pick up ice cream later that evening,  definitely picked up the stuff to make my own.  I think they turned out pretty well, too! 

I used Romaine Hearts as the base, because I have a bag that needs to be used up.   In the original, I think they used a Spring Mix or something similar.  Anywho... Baked chicken breast, seasoned lightly with Tuscan Seasoning Blend, a tart, crisp apple cut into bite sized chunks (don't remember which kind exactly...), crumbled light bleu cheese, and roasted pecans (I bought plain pecan chips, tossed them with a little Olivio and sea salt and baked em at 350 for 5 mins or so- worked quite well).  Topped it all with a Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette (Wendy's: Pomegranate Vinaigrette).  The Wendy's version also had a couple dried cranberries, I think, but I forgot to add those to mine and didn't really miss em.

My salad, in one of my Hello Kitty bowls.  I put the chicken in a silicone cup so I could take it out and warm it up in the microwave, which worked quite well..

Dante's:  Same salad, plus a baked chicken breast.

Anywho... that wraps up the bentos for this week.  Didn't take one Friday. 

Have a great weekend!


Bento #18- Zoo pasta salad, etc

Ok, so a partial repeat of Monday's Bentos, Tuesday's bentos were still VERY tasty!

My bento: Top Layer: Zoo Pasta Salad with Ham instead of Burger.
Bottom Layer: Goldfish Crackers and a Mounds Candy Bar.  Mmm.

Dante's Bento: Top Layer (shown on bottom in the pic): Zoo Pasta Salad
Bottom (top) layer: Mounds, Goldfish Crackers, and an octodog.  ^.^  he he he.

I think next time I have to bring a salad-type dish for a potluck, this Pasta Salad might just be it.  I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bento #17- Mini-Burgers and Pasta

Pre-emptive post!!  woo hoo! 

I actually made our Bentos tonight, AHEAD OF TIME!  Go me!! So I'm posting them now,  instead of letting the pics sit on my camera for a few days first.  ^.^  They're not by a long shot my most impressive bentos (I think those may have been my first ones... decided to peak early!), but I'm hoping they'll be tasty (I havent actually tried the pasta yet.  Already brushed my teeth.  oops!).

Mine: In one of my new Hello Kitty bowls. 
A little bit of Zoo-shaped pasta with a mini-burger and Chopped Tomatoes.

Dante's: The same, in a tupperware.

So... yeah.  All the regular bento boxes were dirty and I didn't feel like doing dishes at 1 AM, so... Dante's is in a tupperware.  It was either that or Hello Kitty. 

The pasta is Zoo-shaped pasta from World Market (super cute!) tossed with a little bit of truffle-infused olive oil and ground Tuscan seasoning blend, with chopped tomatoes on top.  The Mini-burgers are just what they sound like.  I seasoned up some burger last time I wanted Chaos tots and made 12 mini patties from a pack of extra-lean burger.  The way I make burgers, they've got lots of chopped garlic, green onions, seasonings, Worchestershire (sp?) sauce, and Italian bread crumbs.  They're very tasty, if I do say so myself.

Anywho, Have a happy Monday and a fantabulous lunch!


Bento #16- SPEED Bento

So, the second (and last...) Bento this week was for Weds.  Sorry it took so long to get up.  oops!

Thurs I went to lunch with a co-worker who's leaving (graduating!) and got a HUGE turkey club with waffle fries.  It was delicious, but wow... I wish I'd had my camera to take a picture of this thing.  So I had that for lunch on Thurs AND Friday. 

Anywho... back to bento... I packed this one on the way out the door, so it was super-rushed.  And my top layer was leftover from Monday, so it was looking a bit less pretty, so I just took a pic of Dante's.  And it's blurry.  This is a very winning post. lol.  But hey... it's a post. 

Rice and Veggies, Fishie Soy Sauce,
"Sandwich Sushi"- Ham and cheese rolled in wheat bread, and Fruit Snacks

ALSO... I bought some Hello Kitty containers at Target (they were a DOLLAR!).  They hold about 500 mL each and are super cute!  I might use one of these tomorrow.... yay! (Picture below)

So.. that wraps up the last week in bento. 

Hope to see you back here this week for more bento posts!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Bento #15- Rice and Veggies

Ok, starting the week out right with some awesome bentos!

Dante's bento: (With the super-cool chopsticks I got him for Easter!) Instant rice, frozen stir fry veggies, soy sauce fish, Star Wars fruit snacks, graham crackers, and colby jack cheese.  The fruit snacks and cheese are in the separators I got for Easter!  Awesome, huh?

My bento: Basically the same things, but with Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks! :-)  Again, fruit snacks in a silicone separator from Mom.  My cheese is in a mini paper bake cup though.  Ran out of appropriately sized separators, though I still have some in other sizes.

Heading to my brother's tomorrow so he can fix my car (YAY!  Thanks bro!), so probably no bentos tomorrow, but look for some bento awesomeness on Weds!


Bentos #13 and 14- Waffles and baked potatoes

Ok, so... between being sick Tues and Weds, Super busy Thurs, and heading home Friday, I packed a grand total of three bentos last week, all for Monday!  Oh well.  Hope to do better this week...

Breakfast bento: I actually packed two of these, one for Dante and one for myself.  Homemade waffles (leftover from Easter and frozen), Maple syrup (Sugar-free Praline flavored syrup for Dante, regular for me), ham, and underripe mango (tart, but still good).

Lunch bento: baked potato slices with ham and cheese, hard-boiled egg, kumato tomato, mini cake, and salt in the cute little carrot at the bottom. :-)

Anywho... that pretty much sums up last week!  lol.  BUT... I did get some cute bento accessories from Mom for Easter.  Look for those to show up in this week's bentos!!


Happy (Late) Easter!

ok, so catching up on the last week....  speed posting!

Happy late Easter!

We colored eggs.  See?  There was one fatality... tasted good tho!

We also had an awesome breakfast of homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and an awesome dinner of ham (grilled on the George Foreman), baked mini potatoes, asparagus with an almond/garlic cream sauce, and salad.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!