Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bentos #3 and 4: Mexican, Pancake Puffs, and Breakfast!

Ok, so I missed a day... oops!  That didn't take long.  oh well.  Just means I have two sets to post today!

So for Monday's lunch, we had some of the leftover Mexican that Dante cooked on Thursday, and let me tell you... it was DELICIOUS!! 

Dante's box Monday had cooked yellow peppers with homemade enchilada sauce and cheese and some marinaded flank steak on plastic picks. In the bottom layer, are "pancake puffs" (Made in a Pancake Puff Pan) which are heart smart bisquick batter with bits of meat cooked into the middle.  The back row has leftover brisket and the front row (the ones with stars on thars... henceforth these are totally called Sneetches!) have cooked seasoned hamburger left from Chaos Tots.  The red cup has Sweet Baby Ray's.

A quick silverware shot to show of Dante's new utensils.  World Market, oh yeah!

My box: Top layer- Sneetches and Sweet Baby Ray's (I do actually have 2 Hamburger Sneetches, but they don't have stars on thars.  Poor guys.).  Bottom layer- Salad with sea salt and garlic powder, and a small red cup of brisket, which was REALLY GOOD on top of the salad, and a small cup of Malted Milk eggs (in my bird box... he he he!).  Then there's the box lid and one of my new sets of silverware. Aren't they cute?!

Today's "Breakfast in a box" lunch bento.  (Dante didn't get a bento today.  Poor Dante!  His lunch must have been so boring...) Part of a peanut butter and banana sandwich, mini pancakes, a silicone turtle with Vanilla Yogurt, and frozen triple berry mix.  (Note: the turtle really should have gone in the top tier.  He's a tad too tall for the bottom.  Got a little squished.)

Boiling up some eggs for tomorrow's bentos right now, and getting ready to do some more bento-themed crafty time, with Dante this time!


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