Saturday, May 5, 2012

Superbowl Food!

It's only been three months since the superbowl... time to post about our AWESOME food!

Tradition in my family is subs for Superbowl Sunday.  So we decided to do a variation on the theme this year and make meatball subs FROM SCRATCH!  That's right.  We made the bread.  We made the meatballs.  We made the marinara.  We made the CHEESE.  There was a lot of making.  But it was legen... wait for it... dary.  yeah. We also made Jambalaya and Potato Salad to go with. Yum!

So, a meal in photos:

Meatballs, mid-browning.

Believe it or not this will eventually be Mozzarella...

Fresh homemade bread.  Is there anything better?

The whole thing.  DELICIOUS!

So, anyway... that was Superbowl. Expect lots more awesome pictures from the last three months over the next few days!  Playing catch up again.

Happy Cooking!


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