Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bento #17- Mini-Burgers and Pasta

Pre-emptive post!!  woo hoo! 

I actually made our Bentos tonight, AHEAD OF TIME!  Go me!! So I'm posting them now,  instead of letting the pics sit on my camera for a few days first.  ^.^  They're not by a long shot my most impressive bentos (I think those may have been my first ones... decided to peak early!), but I'm hoping they'll be tasty (I havent actually tried the pasta yet.  Already brushed my teeth.  oops!).

Mine: In one of my new Hello Kitty bowls. 
A little bit of Zoo-shaped pasta with a mini-burger and Chopped Tomatoes.

Dante's: The same, in a tupperware.

So... yeah.  All the regular bento boxes were dirty and I didn't feel like doing dishes at 1 AM, so... Dante's is in a tupperware.  It was either that or Hello Kitty. 

The pasta is Zoo-shaped pasta from World Market (super cute!) tossed with a little bit of truffle-infused olive oil and ground Tuscan seasoning blend, with chopped tomatoes on top.  The Mini-burgers are just what they sound like.  I seasoned up some burger last time I wanted Chaos tots and made 12 mini patties from a pack of extra-lean burger.  The way I make burgers, they've got lots of chopped garlic, green onions, seasonings, Worchestershire (sp?) sauce, and Italian bread crumbs.  They're very tasty, if I do say so myself.

Anywho, Have a happy Monday and a fantabulous lunch!


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