Monday, May 2, 2011

Bentos #13 and 14- Waffles and baked potatoes

Ok, so... between being sick Tues and Weds, Super busy Thurs, and heading home Friday, I packed a grand total of three bentos last week, all for Monday!  Oh well.  Hope to do better this week...

Breakfast bento: I actually packed two of these, one for Dante and one for myself.  Homemade waffles (leftover from Easter and frozen), Maple syrup (Sugar-free Praline flavored syrup for Dante, regular for me), ham, and underripe mango (tart, but still good).

Lunch bento: baked potato slices with ham and cheese, hard-boiled egg, kumato tomato, mini cake, and salt in the cute little carrot at the bottom. :-)

Anywho... that pretty much sums up last week!  lol.  BUT... I did get some cute bento accessories from Mom for Easter.  Look for those to show up in this week's bentos!!


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