Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bento #16- SPEED Bento

So, the second (and last...) Bento this week was for Weds.  Sorry it took so long to get up.  oops!

Thurs I went to lunch with a co-worker who's leaving (graduating!) and got a HUGE turkey club with waffle fries.  It was delicious, but wow... I wish I'd had my camera to take a picture of this thing.  So I had that for lunch on Thurs AND Friday. 

Anywho... back to bento... I packed this one on the way out the door, so it was super-rushed.  And my top layer was leftover from Monday, so it was looking a bit less pretty, so I just took a pic of Dante's.  And it's blurry.  This is a very winning post. lol.  But hey... it's a post. 

Rice and Veggies, Fishie Soy Sauce,
"Sandwich Sushi"- Ham and cheese rolled in wheat bread, and Fruit Snacks

ALSO... I bought some Hello Kitty containers at Target (they were a DOLLAR!).  They hold about 500 mL each and are super cute!  I might use one of these tomorrow.... yay! (Picture below)

So.. that wraps up the last week in bento. 

Hope to see you back here this week for more bento posts!


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